What is it about?

Old style giants tin robots fighting each other. You pass the instructions to your robot sending commands by a treadmill with a reader at the end of it. Slow? A big MAYBE. Frantic? When you see the opponents moves and want to anticipate them. You have a limited amount of tokens and have to wait until they fall back once used.

First prototype:

Some hardware building photos:


How does it work?

Eniac Fighter is been developed in Unity. For the token recognition I’ve written a small Processing sketchbook. The first approach was to detect the token color. Although it works as pretended I’m pivoting to another sketchbook that recoignaze shapes. Currently there’s an issue with light settings which causes that the hole token system has to be re-seted when the lights scenario is different.

Where are the robots you’re talking about?

Good question, so far I’ve spended most of the time making the controller and the game fun to play (still some major updates in the TODO list). It was a game design choice: I didn’t want to advance with the graphic until we’d reached a point when we think it was worth it.

TODO (short and outdated)

Treadmill speed.

Read the arrow token rotation.

Graphic improve pass 01.


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